Las Vegas Hotels to Consider

Las Vegas Hotels to Consider

When you think of Las Vegas you may instantly think of all the sexy Las Vegas shows and the luxury hotels that cater to your every need. But believe it or not, this ‘Sin City’ is much more than a treasure trove of adult luxuries. Over time it has become a wonderful place for adults and kids alike. So if you have little ones and have never considered a vacation in Las Vegas, then hopefully this article will serve as a bridge to another way of thinking.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a daycare so you can enjoy a live casino!

There are just a few things to remember if you plan on visiting Vegas with the kiddies, though. First of all some Las Vegas hotels and resorts will charge for children. Doesn’t seem right, but they may (below you’ll find a few good Vegas lodging ideas that are family-friendly). Where ever you choose to stay, don’t forget to see if there are any upgrade options for bigger rooms, condos, etc… More room is always a good thing when there are little feet running around.

Sure, there are tons of lodging options right there in the middle of everything and there are some amazing Las Vegas shows to be seen all within a fairly small area… but if you venture just a little bit away from the strip you’ll find that there are really nice places and good entertainment to be found cheaper. Anything you can do cheaper and still have a great time spells heaven when you got kids, at least in my opinion.

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the world’s famous casino city Las Vegas, but you can still enjoy the games online including roulette and blackjack. Here are a couple of Las Vegas hotels that you may not have considered… yes, there are plenty that kids will love besides the infamous Circus Circus.

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Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is one of the Las Vegas hotels that have a good atmosphere for young ones and plenty of activities that they’ll love. The Lazy River is a fabulous place to cool down, sit back and relax as you cruise the quarter mile river and escape the desert heat. Kids who love the water will love it. There are actually three swimming pools at Mandalay Bay! I bet you would have never thought there were Las Vegas shows that included sharks… the Shark Reef Aquarium will wow kids of all ages.  PLUS, there is free Wifi access for hotel guests.

Tahiti Village Resort and Spa

Not all of the good Las Vegas hotels are found along the infamous strip. Just a couple miles away from the bustling strip is the island themed Tahiti Village Resort and Spa completely decked out with palm trees of course! Since it’s a condo resort designed to resemble an island, the kids will love the sandy entry-way to the pool. You can rent inner-tubes to lounge the lazy river or you can fire up a family BBQ with the poolside grills provided. In fact, you can grab all your favorite BBQ foods at the Whole Foods Market from the Town Square shopping center. This is a good resort if you have little ones and don’t want to be constantly tempted by the casino, because there are no casinos here.