Welcome Wagon for Players

Online casinos have to market themselves to attract new customers just like any other business. One way they do this is with a First Deposit Bonus. Online casinos dealing in common currency as well as those dealing in bitcoin both offer this type of bonus. The bitcoin casino bonus for first time players works the same way. This bonus is for customers who have not created an account with said casino nor made any type of deposit into their account. When a First Deposit Bonus is offered, consistent players are attracted because they can play a lot more by increasing their bankroll with house money. Also, players who are shopping for a new casino at which to play can be enticed to choose a particular casino simply because the First Deposit bonus is so attractive. Finally, players new to the online casino experience can find this type of bonus attractive because they may not be as free with their online gaming dollars as an experienced player, and feel that this bonus will assuage some of the anxiety that goes along with depositing for the first time.

First Deposit Bonuses can be a meager, but still helpful, 20% of your deposit, all the way up to a healthy 100% match. With a 100% bonus, players are encouraged to deposit a substantial sum because the more they deposit of their own money, the more house money they get to play with. There may be restrictions, though. Using an example in U.S. dollars, the casino might offer a graduated bonus based on what you deposit. 25% match for a $100 deposit, 50% for a $250 deposit, and finally a 100% match for a deposit $500 and above. It may also just be a set amount for any amount of money that you deposit. There may be eligibility requirements in terms of the time frame within which you must claim your bonus, as well as wagering requirements that tell you how many times you have to wager a certain amount before you may withdrawal your balance. Any reputable casino will have eligibility and wagering requirements listed in plain sight within the details associated with the First Deposit Bonus.

One thing to consider with First Deposit Bonuses is the house edge. The house edge is defined as the mathematical advantage that the casino has over you in any particular game. It is the percentage that the casino is sure to profit over time. It is interesting to note that some casinos do not offer a First Deposit Bonus because their house edge is so low that they could never make any money is they offered such bonuses. From a customer’s perspective, however, I would not be enticed to play at a casino that offered no type of incentive to play at their particular casino. Just like I would not be enticed to buy a product I’d never heard of. Even with a low house edge, marketing is important so that you attract customers.

If you’re looking for a reputable casino, shop around. There are blogs out there where people talk about the casinos that didn’t pay. Check one of these out first. Then, look around and find the casinos with bonuses that excite you and make you want to deposit. Read the details. Depending on the requirements, a 20% bonus might wind up being more practical and attainable than a 100% bonus. If the wagering requirements are unclear, move along. A reputable online casino is out there offering great bonuses and reliable payouts.