Betting on Football Games in Las Vegas

Sports betting, whether online, or in a brick’n mortar casino, is a form of gambling that does not offer any form of mathematical advantage, such as the case is with games like blackjack. In other words, there is no formulaic strategy that gives sports bettors a lower House Edge.

There is nothing more subject to chance than games of sport guided by the human element. This is precisely why you will hear many sports bettors advise in placing bets on hunches, or intuitive guesses, if you will. While there is an element of truth and legitimacy for betting off of a hunch, there are still several practices that all sports bettors should always be doing if one desires to achieve consistent success beyond the point of average – beginning with having a sound knowledge of the sport being bet on, as well as how the odds play into the overall scheme of things.

Good habits to fall into are to keep game selections down to a minimum. Picking too many games to bet on a single sitting is asking for trouble. This is also why beginning sports bettors especially need to be wary of making parlay bets. Although these can be fun watching unfold, and offer good-sized payouts, they rarely go through if the bettor does not have a very sound knowledge of the sport, teams and gaming conditions.

Just like the bookies, who shape their betting lines on a myriad of factors, such as weather conditions, injuries and home field advantage, sports bettors need to consider all of the elements that could help a team to win or lose. Something to pay attention to is whether lines begin fluctuating, resulting from public perception.

For instance, in big matches like those going on in the NFL, many fans come out to place bets on their favorite teams – even if their team does not stand a favorable chance of winning. If enough bettors do this, smart bettors can bet against the line and secure some healthy odds that will pay off well.

Help with betting on football games

When it comes to US football betting, there isn’t a whole lot that you can do to get better than a 50/50 chance of winning your bet. The oddsmakers are very good at setting the lines and they have had decades of experience doing so.

You may think that reading the blogs or listening to the “Experts’ Picks” will help you cause, but you would be wrong. A lot of these so-called experts don’t even pick half of the winners correctly, let alone the spread. The number 1 rule of sports gambling is that you should always make your own picks.

Never go with the crowd. More often than not, the sportsbooks will end up profiting off of the crowd in these situations. I’m not saying the these bookmakers have any influence, but any line that looks like an easy pick usually isn’t. There are a lot of factors that you aren’t thinking about that the oddmakers have accounted for.

In fact, if you notice all of the bets going one way, you should place a bet against the crowd. First, the sportsbooks are closer than the crowd more often that not like I said before. Secondly, you will receive a better value once the favorites gamblers bet up the line. Wait until close to the start of the game to make you bet on the underdog.

Other than that, there are a couple of things that you will need to research before you place your bet. Take a look at all statistical matchups. The most important ones are the defense rankings against the offense rankings. Also, take a look at any significant injuries or weather related events that may have an effect on the game.

If you think that there are any other significant things that you can do to increase your chance, don’t bother. All of the sports betting companies that advertise on the radio are scams; if they knew who to pick, they would just bet everything they had and make millions instead of trying to get chump change from you.

If you want any more advice, flip a coin. If it comes up heads, pick the home team. If it comes up tails, pick the road team. That system will work just about as well as any other gambling system out there.